Beautiful Lab Puppies For Sale

If you are looking for a new puppy now or in the near future

Beautiful Lab Puppies For Sale

If you are looking for a new puppy now or in the near future

We have New Litters Available

Welcome to Lynsted Labs

We are a family-run Labrador Breeder based in Kent, we specialise in providing the best quality labrador puppies for sale to the public and charities. Having owned and loved labs throughout family generations, we are so proud to be able to promote this beautiful breed.

Having owned and cared for generations of Labradors, we understand the affectionate nature of this beautiful breed and breed it with the utmost pride. We’re sure they’ll love you just as much.

Our labrador puppies are companions for life, whether that’s in the form of a family pet or therapy and support, you can be sure that our dogs are loved and cared for every step of the way.

Danielle Breaker

ASD Therapy Dogs

Lynsted Labs is proud to play a huge part in many fantastic lives, especially those who are affected by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

“Research from the University of Lincoln found that children with autism experience fewer meltdowns in the presence of a pet dog and their parent’s stress levels are significantly lowered, but we also see that dogs can make a difference to confidence levels, help reduce anxiety, improve communication and help families do more together.”

Labrador Puppies For Sale


Our labs have free runs of our gardens and paddocks and are brought up in a family environment with children and other animals on our smallholding. They are fed only the best Royal Canin dog food.

All of our puppies are bred from KC registered labs and microchipped when they leave us.

Choice of colours – yellow, black, chocolate and fox red.

More information on our KC Registration here.

About the Labrador Breed

The Labrador is the world’s most popular dog, beloved by families and royalty alike for years, being one of the world’s most versatile breeds, seen in any and all fields from guide dogs to search and rescue, they really can do it all.

The Labrador has been the faithful companion to some of history’s most notable figures, from presidents and prime ministers to musical icons like Frank Sinatra and authors like Roald Dahl. Although nowadays a Labrador is partial to curling up on the sofa it didn’t start this way, it actually originates from a largely cold and often times inhospitable place.

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